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​Citronnelle is synonymous with fresh, local, natural ingredients.  As members of the slow-food movement, we believe food should be treated with the utmost respect.  Lancaster County, famous for its vast and picturesque farmlands, inspires us to embrace nature’s bounty.   Our mission is to use only the freshest local, seasonal (organic where possible) produce, sustainable seafood, locally raised meats and poultry (hormone/anti-biotic-free and organic where possible) and the finest all-natural exotic ingredients to create our flavorful, beautifully composed dishes.

Citronnelle is a chic and intimate little French BYOB located right in the heart of Downtown Lancaster City, Pennsylvania.   Our dishes are classically prepared yet modern, with global influences from Asia and Africa.

The name “Citronnelle” was conceived after dinner one evening on the tiny island of LaDigue in the Seychelles.  After our lovingly prepared meal was over, we were served one of the most aromatic teas we had ever tasted.  It was fresh and light, with a delicate hint of exotic citrus.   This fragrant infusion was called, “citronnelle”, which is French for lemongrass.   We learned something new that evening.  This versatile stalk is not only native to Asia.  It has been cultivated in Africa and Latin America for centuries, for both culinary and medicinal purposes - a truly global herb.   It was the perfect digestive tea.  It was the perfect name.


Why global influences?  Today one can find many different ethnic cultures throughout Paris, just by wandering through one of its many wonderful markets.  Today there are distinct South East Asian, North African,  Japanese, and Middle-Eastern neighborhoods, just to name a few. Paris' dining options are as ethnically diverse as some of the biggest citi es in the U.S. There are also many different regional cuisines within France – Basque, Provençal, Lyonnaise, Alsatian, Niçoise, etc. Each region offers its own distinctive preparations based on climate and global influences.   The capital city of Paris is the country's culinary melting pot, combining flavors from all over France and the world. Citronnelle has chosen to embrace this perfect fusion of French and ethnic cultures and share it with the foodies of Lancaster, PA.


The personable and knowledgeable team at Citronnelle is committed to creating a stellar dining experience for our guests.   Our establishment is currently BYOB, so guests are encouraged to bring in their favorite selections of wines for now.  Please join us for some exquisite culinary offerings, a cozy ambiance, some good conversation and perhaps even a little romance with your significant other.   We look forward to serving you soon.

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